Accommodated guests and visitors of hotel accept these accommodation rules as a contractual condition during the whole period of the accommodation or visit of Garni Hotel FRANCESCO. The hotel is run by the Format Prešov, s. r. o., Levočská 12, 080 01 Prešov.


The Accommodation rules are available at the reception of Garni hotel FRANCESCO. In case of violation of these rules the management of hotel has a right to cancel the order.


  1. The hotel only accommodates guests who check in properly. For this purpose, guests are requested to show the receptionist personal proof of identity, an identification card (hereinafter ID card) or a valid passport in light of Act No. 253/1998 Coll., which regulates citizens’ report of Slovak republic and register of citizens of Slovak republic and Act No. 122/2013 Coll., regulating protection of personal data.
  2. Every guest who is not a citizen of SR (hereinafter as foreigner) is obliged to fill in and submit official form concerning report on stay at a reception desk upon arrival given to a guest by an employee of the hotel in light of Act No. 404/2011 Coll., which regulates stay of foreigners, which all required information must be stated truly and completely.
  3. Employee of the hotel will provide guest upon check in hotel card where will be stated name of the hotel, room number and card key. Guest keeps this key until check out. Upon repeated arrival of already checked in guest to the hotel, client is obliged to identify himself at a reception desk with a valid hotel card.
  4. The hotel provides guests with services to the extent determined by Decree No. 277/2008 of Ministry of Economy, which regulates the categorization of accommodation facilities into categories and classes. Garni Hotel FRANCESCO is categorized into category ***.
  5. Use of the hotel is only allowed to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.
  6. Based on ordered accommodation the guest can check in upon the day of arrival from 3 pm to 6 pm. Until this time the hotel will reserve the room for the guest as long as there is no other condition in the order stated and confirmed by the hotel. If the guest does not report later arrival until 6 pm, after such time the hotel is allowed to dispose freely with this room unless there is no other agreement with the guest. In case that the guest has already paid an advance payment, hotel is obliged to hold such reservation until 10 pm. Provided that the guest does not check in after this time hotel is not required to return this advance payment in the price of the first night’s stay.
  7. If the guest ordered single room in advance and such was accepted by the hotel, the hotel charges the guest with a minimum cost of single bedroom.
  8. If the guest asks for extension of the accommodation, hotel may provide such requested accommodation. However, hotel is not obliged to provide the original room for the same price, where guest had been accommodated before.
  9. Guest uses the room in the period of time which was agreed with the hotel.
  10. If the time of check out was not agreed in advance, the guest will check out at least until 11 am of the next day of stay and will vacate the room. In case of late vacation of the room, i. e. after 11 pm until 2 pm, hotel has the right to charge guest with a fee of 30 € due to late room vacation and after 2 pm, the hotel has right to charge the guest with a 100% fee of the cost of the room.


Hotel reserves the right to check the inventory of the room, payment and consumption of the guest one hour after the room vacation at the latest.


  1. Guest who checks in before 6 am will pay the price of accommodation for the whole previous night according to a valid price list of Garni Hotel FRANCESCO.
  2. Guest who requests accommodation before 3 pm must state such during reservation in advance.
  3. Guest is entitled to check the condition and functionality of the room equipment in his own interest and any faults immediately report at the reception.
  4. Guest agrees that during the whole period of the stay is allowed to enter for the purposes of execution of obligations – hotel maid, utility-man or manager of the hotel.
  5. Hotel is not responsible for any disagreements between the guests but within the legal options will make necessary arrangements to ensure order and peace in accommodation and other hotel premises.
  6. Guest is allowed to have visitors only with a permission of hotel’s employee and after signing up to a guestbook between 8 am to 10 pm.
  7. Employee of the hotel is not permitted to give any information about accommodated guests to a third person (except to police officers after their legitimation and approval of their request) neither allow visit of a third person of the guest without approval.
  8. The hotel ensures medical assistance in case of illness or injury of the guest, if necessary transport to hospital. All medical expenses will be paid by the guest.
  9. Guest is prohibited to move equipment, furniture, conduct repair or any other interventions to telephone sets, television sets, or to electricity network or other installation in the room or in other common spaces of the hotel.
  10. All Garni Hotel FRANCESCO is non-smoking – guest is prohibited to smoke any tobacco products, to take any narcotics and psychotropic substances in a room or in common spaces of the hotel. Failing to abide this prohibition the hotel reserves the right to increase agreed price of accommodation by an amount of 500 € a day or to grant a one-off penalty for the whole stay in a minimum amount of 500€ during which the guest violated this prohibition. Smoking in a room or in any other interior premise of the hotel is illegal according to Act No. 377/2004 Coll. on protection of non-smokers.


The hotel is obliged to inform the guest about such increase of price upon end of the accommodation at the latest.


  1. Bedsheets are changed every 3 days, towels and bath towels are changed once in two days as necessary.
  2. Room service is daily or on request. In case the guest does not want to be disturbed, he will use sign on the doorknob. The guest must throw out garbage exclusively to designated containers.
  3. Glassware, porcelain, cutlery, etc. is forbidden to take out of the hotel.
  4. In the hotel premises and particularly in the room the guest is not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This regulation does not apply to electrical devices used for personal hygiene of the client (shaving machines, hair dryers, chargers for normal consumer electrical appliances, etc.).
  5. In case of fire he client is required to follow the instructions of the responsible personnel (in line with the fire evacuation plan) and upon arrival of the Fire Department unit by the instructions of its commander.
  6. The client must not act loudly, listen to radio or television programs at a high volume in a room or in corridors of the hotel or disturb other guests of the hotel in any other way. Between 10 pm to 6 pm the guest is obliged to respect night rest. In case of violation of this regulation he will be given a fine in an amount of 25 €, in case of a second appeal 50€ and upon third appeal will be the guest checked out of the hotel.
  7. With the consent of the operator (manager or the representative), it is allowed to organize social events in the Garni Hotel FRANCESCO even after 10 pm in the designated premises but not in the rooms.
  8. For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay without supervision in the rooms, corridors, communal areas and on the exterior premises of the hotel.
  9. Bringing dogs and other animals to rooms and to communal areas is


For safety reasons it is FORBIDDEN to carry a weapon and ammunition on the hotel premises or to store weapons or ammunition in a condition allowing their immediate use.


  1. Guest is not allowed to bring any sports equipment into the room or into other facilities not designated for such activities or items for which are reserved other areas.
  2. Guest has a right to use all facilities of rented room, communal areas or guest rooms.
  3. The client is responsible for all damages caused to the property of the hotel according to the valid regulations.
  4. Before leaving the room, the client is required to close all water taps, turn off electrical appliances, turn off room lightning, close windows and close the door and leave the card key at the reception.
  5. Guest must pay the bill for the accommodation upon arrival. Hotel bill are payable immediately after check in. this does not apply to individually negotiated terms. In the event of canceled reservations and canceled services, the hotel applies cancellation policy and cancelation fees in accordance to Business Terms and Conditions according to the following rules:
    1. 15 – 30 days (including) before arrival is a cancelation fee of 30% of the price of the services ordered.
    2. 7 – 14 days (including) before arrival is a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the services ordered.
    3. 0 – 6 days (including) before arrival is a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of the services ordered.
    4. Extension of stay is possible on the basis of availability of accommodation in the requested period.
    5. When the booked stay is shortened (i.e. the vacation of the hotel prior to the completion of the booked stay) the cancellation fee is 100% of the total amount of the booked accommodation. In this case refund is impossible.
  6. The client is obliged to pay for accommodation and other services in line with valid price list which is available at the reception.
  7. Hotel parking lot is free and monitored for the guests of the hotel. There are 20 parking spaces in the underground garage and 40 parking spaces in the above-ground. As long as the guest is provided a space for stopping of the vehicle (possible for a fee) in the hotel parking lot, there is no hotel liability for loss or damage to parked or displaced vehicles and belongings put in them on the hotel grounds.
  8. For loss of the card key and its damage a fee of 10 € is charged.
  9. For damage to equipment or inventory of the hotel is guest responsible in accordance with applicable laws. In the event of damage or destruction of the hotel’s property, the hotel is entitled to damages at the purchase price of the destroyed inventory. The value of the inventory is set in the written list at the reception desk. It is in the guest’s interest to be informed about its contents in case of damage or destruction of appliance in the room. Guest is responsible for the damages caused by minors for whom he is responsible, as well as for the damages caused by the persons, who are present in the premises of the hotel and were admitted there by the guest.
  10. In case of damage to the hotel’s property caused by the guest, the client is obliged to pay compensation for the damage incurred no later than on the day of the end of the stay at the hotel upon billing of the accommodation and services or based on an invoice. In case the guest refuses to pay such damage, the hotel is entitled to charge the guest a penalty of 0,1% per day from the owed amount for each day of delay. Payment of the contractual penalty shall not affect the hotel’s claim for damages.
  11. Guests’ complaints and any possible suggestions to improve hotel’s activities are accepted by the Reception Manager, or by the management of the hotel. Complaints are processed according to complaint policy displayed at the hotel reception.
  12. Book of wishes and complaints is available at the hotel reception desk.
  13. Accommodated guests are obliged to comply with the accommodation rules from the moment of check in to their room. In case of serious violation, the hotel’s management has the right to withdraw from the contract and providing the accommodation service even before the end of the agreed time.


These accommodation rules is available to guests at the hotel reception desk and on the website : in category “Accommodation Rules”.


Guest agrees with these Accommodation rules by making a reservation at the hotel or by checking in.


In Prešov, 4th September 2017.